Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 10/24

Another week of challenges at The Shorthorn has past and I'm getting ready for more. I still can't get used to our new production schedule but it does have its benefits at times. This week, I explored local parks for outdoor activities, listened to a celebrity chef talk about his inspirations, tried to capture "Red Fever" and finally got a coach to smile. I was working on a LARPing, or live action role playing, story with a video for next week but huge storms on Saturday rained us out. I'm trying to pace myself with video since I somewhat burned myself out a bit at the beginning of the semester and I am trying to focus on quality over quantity. Until next week, enjoy.
Southwestern Seminary student Carrie Hamilton readson Saturday at River Legacy Park in Arlington. Hamilton said she enjoys coming to River Legacy because of the open fields in the center of the park where she can relax when the weather is nice. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Aerospace engineering junior Eric Velasquez throws a Frisbee while playing Frisbee golf with his brother and a friend Saturday at Veterans Park. Velasquez said he likes coming to the park because it is one of the few Frisbee golf courses close to his home and he enjoys the varied terrain of the course. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Bedford resident Albert Cocha, left, participates in a live action role-play, or LARP, on Saturday at Veterans Park in Arlington. Cocha and a group of other larpers visit the park every Saturday to role-play as characters in medieval recreations. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Tai Chi instructor Su-Jau Cheng directs a group of Arlington residents Saturday in a pavilion at Veterans Park. The group meets at the park every other week and Cheng said that they like to exercise while enjoying the “beautiful air”. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Chef Rick Bayless speaks during the second Maverick Speaker Series of the season Thursday in the Lone Star Auditorium at the Maverick Activities Center. Bayless discussed questions submitted by the audience such as how he found inspiration in Mexico and the challenges he faced on the reality television show Top Chef Masters. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Chef Rick Bayless signs copies of his many culinary books after is speech on Thursday in the Maverick Activities Center. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Fans stream into the Ballpark in Arlington before the Rangers’ first game of the American League Conference Series against the New York Yankees on Friday. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Fans display “antlers” shirts as they converge on the Ballpark in Arlington on Friday before the Rangers took on the Yankees. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Movin’ Mavs head coach Doug Garner is looking forward to Saturday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks wheelchair basketball team as an opportunity to gain valuable experience for future competitions. Garner also sees a national championship as a “very realistic” goal for the Movin’ Mavs this season. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

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