Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 10/31

This week was definitely more challenging logistically rather than technically. Schedules didn't come together and good stories were hard to find. Overall pretty frustrating but there were some bright spots. I had to opportunity to cover the museum opening of Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science, an exhibit in Fort Worth where visitors learn how modern science is used to study mummies and the culture of ancient Egypt. I wasn't planning on doing a video but once I was there I thought it needed more than just a couple of pictures in the paper to show what the exhibit had to offer. The rest of the week was spent mostly trying to set up shoots for the upcoming basketball preview. I'm definitely looking forward to putting out some quality work next week with the preview and a profile piece that I'm hoping will work out Monday. Happy Halloween!
Cover of Pulse, our special section on Thursdays.
Lost Egypt: Ancient Egypt, Modern Science Video
Archaeologist Dr. Mark Lehner points a few of the important archaeological areas in Egypt on a large floor map at the entrance to the Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History on Friday. The 6,000 square-foot exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to see how archaeologists are using modern technology to study ancient Egyptian society and culture through interaction with real artifacts. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
This illuminated panel shows a few of the views that CT scans create, allowing Egyptologists to see inside of sarcophagi and study mummies without disturbing the physical remains. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Sculptures of four women who lived in Upper Egypt between 2,200 and 2,900 years ago were created with scientific data gathered from mummies using the same techniques police use to identify human remains. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Architecture junior Qudus Ogunmefun, left, jumps through a hula hoop as communication technology senior Chris Baker looks on during the Black Student Association’s Fall Carnival on Wednesday on the Central Library Mall. The carnival featured a variety of games including musical chairs and a candy toss. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Biology Junior Anthony Adromiwa shows off his mummy mask at the Fall Carnival on Wednesday. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Sophomore outfielder Preston Beck hits during batting practice on Thursday at Clay Gould Ballpark. Beck lives with a hectic schedule from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. while balancing training, practice and classes. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 10/24

Another week of challenges at The Shorthorn has past and I'm getting ready for more. I still can't get used to our new production schedule but it does have its benefits at times. This week, I explored local parks for outdoor activities, listened to a celebrity chef talk about his inspirations, tried to capture "Red Fever" and finally got a coach to smile. I was working on a LARPing, or live action role playing, story with a video for next week but huge storms on Saturday rained us out. I'm trying to pace myself with video since I somewhat burned myself out a bit at the beginning of the semester and I am trying to focus on quality over quantity. Until next week, enjoy.
Southwestern Seminary student Carrie Hamilton readson Saturday at River Legacy Park in Arlington. Hamilton said she enjoys coming to River Legacy because of the open fields in the center of the park where she can relax when the weather is nice. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Aerospace engineering junior Eric Velasquez throws a Frisbee while playing Frisbee golf with his brother and a friend Saturday at Veterans Park. Velasquez said he likes coming to the park because it is one of the few Frisbee golf courses close to his home and he enjoys the varied terrain of the course. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Bedford resident Albert Cocha, left, participates in a live action role-play, or LARP, on Saturday at Veterans Park in Arlington. Cocha and a group of other larpers visit the park every Saturday to role-play as characters in medieval recreations. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Tai Chi instructor Su-Jau Cheng directs a group of Arlington residents Saturday in a pavilion at Veterans Park. The group meets at the park every other week and Cheng said that they like to exercise while enjoying the “beautiful air”. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Chef Rick Bayless speaks during the second Maverick Speaker Series of the season Thursday in the Lone Star Auditorium at the Maverick Activities Center. Bayless discussed questions submitted by the audience such as how he found inspiration in Mexico and the challenges he faced on the reality television show Top Chef Masters. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Chef Rick Bayless signs copies of his many culinary books after is speech on Thursday in the Maverick Activities Center. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Fans stream into the Ballpark in Arlington before the Rangers’ first game of the American League Conference Series against the New York Yankees on Friday. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Fans display “antlers” shirts as they converge on the Ballpark in Arlington on Friday before the Rangers took on the Yankees. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Movin’ Mavs head coach Doug Garner is looking forward to Saturday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks wheelchair basketball team as an opportunity to gain valuable experience for future competitions. Garner also sees a national championship as a “very realistic” goal for the Movin’ Mavs this season. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 10/17

I know I say it every week, but it always seems to be a random week. A little bit of everything from The Shorthorn and even had time to do a little personal project on the side. In my Printmaking class, we have been making hand-made paper. My personal opinion is that it is numbingly boring so I decided to make a short video of the experience that is hopefully a bit more exciting. The whole video is made with my GoPro HD camera and allowed for some very unique angles. I'm looking to incorporate it in an upcoming video about LARPing for a Shorthorn feature. If you don't know what that is google it. More to come.
Comedian Jarrod Harris performs for the crowd in the Rosebud Theater.
Comedian Jarrod Harris performs a joke about his redneck family during One Mic Stand on Tuesday in the University Center Rosebud Theater. Harris joked about everything from his first experience at a black comedy club to Skip, his mom’s unemployed, one-legged, snowboarder husband. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Computer science freshman Mas Umar drives a remote controlled car around a glass of "wine" during one of the activities involved with the alcohol awareness exhibit in Nedderman Hall.
Biology senior Tabi Chu attempts to dress a Barbie doll while wearing “beer goggles” Wednesday in the Nedderman Hall atrium. Chu and many other student participated in a variety of activities including beer goggle bowling and driving as part of an alcohol awareness display put on by UTA Health Services. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
It took Chu five minutes and six seconds just to put a dress on the doll.
Arlington’s revenue from Super Bowl XLV at Cowboy’s Stadium is estimated to be about $135,024,983 with most of the total coming from restaurants, alcohol, entertainment and retail. With the stadium only a few minutes away, UTA’s role in the event is still under consideration. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Business junior Jerry Inthavongsa pulls a windmill move Monday night during a breakdancing session in the University Center Palo Duro Lounge. Inthavongsa and his friend try to dance at least twice a week. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Graphic design sophomore Richard Garcia spins on his head Monday night during a breakdancing session in the University Center Palo Duro Lounge. Garcia said that he tries to dance at least twice a week with his friends. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 10/10

Another crazy busy week at The Shorthorn with that always stressful dash of school in the mix. It was a good week overall and now that internship deadlines are coming up I'm aiming for quality over quantity in the photo department. Met a lot of interesting people and am looking forward to finding some on campus to highlight as soon as there is a break in my course load. Gotta love how school always seems to get in the way of career creativity, but thats the art program for you. Well I will let the images speak for themselves this week, enjoy.
Larry Cotton of Fort Worth swings his trick rope to kill time before Asleep at the Wheel’s performance Saturday at Levitt Pavilion. Cotton learned to use trick ropes at the age of 20 when he was stationed in New York for the Air Force and enjoys teaching kids at the concerts how to use beginner ropes. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Vocalist and guitarist Ray Benson, left, performs with Asleep at the Wheel on Saturday during Levitt Pavilion’s final concert of the fall season. Asleep at the Wheel has won nine Grammy’s over nearly 40 years of performing western-swing and roots-music across the country. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Freshman cross-country runner Emily Koenig has produced surprising results for her first year at UTA by winning two of the team’s first three meets so far this season. Head Coach John Sauerhage said that her success thus far is “unprecedented” because they have not had anyone on the team hardly win any cross-country meets besides the conference championship. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Tom Jones, owner of Tom’s Burgers & Grill located off of Cooper Street, uses grass roots marketing to gain attention for his business by contributing to the community and word-of-mouth advertising. Jones said that their current promotion on Monday nights is that 10 percent of sales will be donated to First United Methodist Church in Arlington towards appliances for a needy family. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Tom Woodman, Assistant Director for Facilities of Campus Recreation, fires the starting pistol at the beginning of a race on Thursday at Maverick Stadium during his eighth year of being the starter at Bed Races. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
The A-Hall Pillow Pushers fly down the field on Thursday during the 38th Annual Bed Races at Maverick Stadium. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Biology sophomore Cruz Ramiraz, dressed as a Ninja Turtle, flips on a bungee trampoline on Thursday during one of the many activities alongside the Bed Races at Maverick Stadium. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Business management sophomore Landon Coch kicks a field goal on Thursday during the annual field goal kicking contest at Bed Races at Maverick Stadium. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Team Love’n My Bed gets down on the dance floor on Thursday during a dance contest between races at Maverick Stadium. Love’n My Bed won the contest that challenged participants tp insert 80's dance moves such as the “moonwalk” and the “sprinkler” into their routines. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 10/3

It has been a long, busy two weeks so this is a combo post as I was not able to upload last weekend due to the awesome Texas Multimedia Workshop I was at. The workshop was at the State Fair of Texas and tasked us with creating a natural sound video or audio slideshow telling a story at the fair. Got some great advice from the pros and put together a pretty good video of the fair coming to life during a rainy opening Saturday. It's also a plus that I could use the photos and video for The Shorthorn. As for the 'Horn, I'm always down for an "epic clouds" sports portrait. I also had a chance to influence design a bit more as I created the package for the Ken Burns story. Speaker shots are always the same andI'm glad I had a chance to do something different that will hopefully continue through the semester. I also put together a short test video from UTA's annual Oozeball mud volleyball tournament from my new little GoPro HD camera that I had duct taped to me as I played. I repeat, it'sonly a test. Enjoy.

State Fair of Texas Comes to Life
Constant rain kept fairgoers away early Saturday but attendance soon picked up as the weather cleared later in the afternoon. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Many interesting sites can be found by exploring the livestock barns at the State Fair including the longhorn, Tex’s Pride. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Mike Valladao, also known as Farmer Mike, carves pumpkins in the Greenhouse on the Midway on Saturday at Fair Park in Dallas. The Greenhouse is one of the State Fair’s newest attractions that features a 25-foot waterfall, wildlife and model trains running through landscaped islands. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
The U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps marches through the fairgrounds in front of Big Tex at The State Fair of Texas. The Corps performs daily at 4 p.m., except Wednesdays, at Marine Corps Square. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Kinesiology sophomore Kyle Speer is revitalizing the UTA lacrosse program with a fresh team of new players who are determined and passionate about the game. Speer said his dream is to be a lacrosse coach and is excited to pick up a stick again after not playing for 2 years. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns addresses an audience of students Friday afternoon during a question and answer session in the Fine Arts Building. [Inserts] Burns speaks Friday night with moderator Krys Boyd during the first Maverick Speaker Series event at Texas Hall about the value of history and his upcoming film, The Tenth Inning, which will air on PBS Sept. 28-29 at 8 p.m. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Journalism senior Theresa Casey is a “jack of all trades” as she takes on being a full-time student, mother of two and owner of Just Your Style Photography. Casey started her business after people expressed interest in her photos that she took of her kids after they were born. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Criminal justice sophomore Olaguer Esterada rides a stationary bike Monday during the World Heart Day Cyclethon at the Maverick Activities Center. Estrada was riding for Lambda Theta Phi on a six-person team that switched riders every two hours until midnight. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Awards were given to the team that raised the most money for the American Heart Association during the 12-hour bike ride. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)