Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 10/10

Another crazy busy week at The Shorthorn with that always stressful dash of school in the mix. It was a good week overall and now that internship deadlines are coming up I'm aiming for quality over quantity in the photo department. Met a lot of interesting people and am looking forward to finding some on campus to highlight as soon as there is a break in my course load. Gotta love how school always seems to get in the way of career creativity, but thats the art program for you. Well I will let the images speak for themselves this week, enjoy.
Larry Cotton of Fort Worth swings his trick rope to kill time before Asleep at the Wheel’s performance Saturday at Levitt Pavilion. Cotton learned to use trick ropes at the age of 20 when he was stationed in New York for the Air Force and enjoys teaching kids at the concerts how to use beginner ropes. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Vocalist and guitarist Ray Benson, left, performs with Asleep at the Wheel on Saturday during Levitt Pavilion’s final concert of the fall season. Asleep at the Wheel has won nine Grammy’s over nearly 40 years of performing western-swing and roots-music across the country. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Freshman cross-country runner Emily Koenig has produced surprising results for her first year at UTA by winning two of the team’s first three meets so far this season. Head Coach John Sauerhage said that her success thus far is “unprecedented” because they have not had anyone on the team hardly win any cross-country meets besides the conference championship. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Tom Jones, owner of Tom’s Burgers & Grill located off of Cooper Street, uses grass roots marketing to gain attention for his business by contributing to the community and word-of-mouth advertising. Jones said that their current promotion on Monday nights is that 10 percent of sales will be donated to First United Methodist Church in Arlington towards appliances for a needy family. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Tom Woodman, Assistant Director for Facilities of Campus Recreation, fires the starting pistol at the beginning of a race on Thursday at Maverick Stadium during his eighth year of being the starter at Bed Races. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
The A-Hall Pillow Pushers fly down the field on Thursday during the 38th Annual Bed Races at Maverick Stadium. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Biology sophomore Cruz Ramiraz, dressed as a Ninja Turtle, flips on a bungee trampoline on Thursday during one of the many activities alongside the Bed Races at Maverick Stadium. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Business management sophomore Landon Coch kicks a field goal on Thursday during the annual field goal kicking contest at Bed Races at Maverick Stadium. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Team Love’n My Bed gets down on the dance floor on Thursday during a dance contest between races at Maverick Stadium. Love’n My Bed won the contest that challenged participants tp insert 80's dance moves such as the “moonwalk” and the “sprinkler” into their routines. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

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