Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lose The Training Wheels at UTA

Lose The Training Wheels was a week long camp at UTA hosted by the Down Syndrome Partnership of Tarrant County that taught individuals with disabilities how to ride two-wheel bicycles. Most of the sessions I went to were full and it was great to see how many volunteers came out to help. Most of the kids seemed hesitant to go for the two-wheel bikes but soon overcame the challenge. While talking to a parent, I could see the joy it gave them to see their child do something like this because to most of these kids it is the most freedom they will have with transportation. We found out about the event last minute but I'm glad I had the chance to shoot it. For the full story, check out

Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Texas Autocross Weekend

Over the weekend, UTA hosted the annual Texas Autocross Weekend on July 10 and 11 where 35 cars from 14 different universities from all over the United States and Canada came to race their student built Formula SAE cars against the clock. This event was for bragging rights and let the teams trade rides without the pressure of a formal competition. There was also a bit of excitement off the track as a 1965 Ford Cobra flew into the creek across the street from where the races were being held. Life lesson for the kids: Showboating just brings a waterlogged ride and embarrassment for a lifetime. Enjoy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 4th Weekend

This year for the 4th, Victoria and I headed down to South Padre Island for some much needed relaxation. Since we didn't want to make the entire 10-hour trip on one drive, we stopped half-way in San Antonio to stay the night then headed to Padre early the next morning. It rained half of the time driving down but we had a beautiful two days of sun and blue skies over the weekend. I try to make it to Padre whenever I can to take in that little bit of Texas paradise.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shorthorn Wild Art Hunt

My first video shot and edited fully with iMovie on the iPhone 4. This was a training session we did to encourage everyone to get out of the office and find out what's going on around campus at any given time. It was hot but I think everyone learned a lot. It was really interesting using the iPhone as a full capture/edit platform. I hope Apple continues to update iMovie with more transitions and options to allow more user control to bring it closer to the capabilities of the desktop version.