Sunday, June 27, 2010

1:1 Life Volume 1

1:1 is the technical specification for showing something that is very small at life size. This exploration into the macro world shows life at its smallest in its natural environment. This is Volume 1 of a continuing series that will follow my explorations as I travel and find new things to shoot that most people would pass by or run away from. In the end, it is ultimately a learning experience both technically and intellectually. In addition to the video, here are a few stills from a couple of the shoots. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lake Eufaula Video

I see every weekend vacation this summer as another chance to practice and learn from experience. This is a perfect example of shooting with what was available in front of me with only natural light in less than perfect conditions. I had a great time over the weekend and through the editing process.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lake Eufaula Preview

This past weekend I finally got a taste of the great outdoors and got away from Arlington for a much needed mini-vacation. A friend of my moms invited us to spend the weekend on a houseboat that they had as part of a timeshare at Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. We didn’t see a drop of the predicted rain all weekend and it was beautiful. The wildlife was great and I even did some shooting for an upcoming Macro video. I wish we could have stayed longer but work was calling us back to the city. Here are a few photos from the trip and a video is coming as soon as I can find some time between work and other personal projects. The baby geese at the end are a “palette cleanser” for those who don’t like our six-legged friends. Enjoy.