Friday, May 30, 2008

Oak Cliff YMCA Support

I recently contributed my photographic services to the Oak Cliff YMCA and a host of supporters who were renovating the facilities by taking photos of the members who used the YMCA on a daily basis. Many volunteers from the Dallas area took time out of their busy lives and weekends to help with all the work that had to be done including redoing many of the floors, building safer areas for kids, landscaping areas around the facilities and much more. This was a great opportunity not only for me to get my name out there and to show my work, but also to add a personal community touch to the renovated facilities at the YMCA. The stories of the members reactions to their pictures being up on the walls really make me feel good about the work that I did and it really shows how much the YMCA means to them. Going to the grand re-opening ceremony and seeing the before and after pictures really showed how much had been done to make the YMCA a better place for the surrounding community. Here are some of my personal favorites that now hang on the walls of the Oak Cliff YMCA.

Barbecue Summer

Summer has always been a good time to take a load off from the stress of school and explore the world of detail around the house. Summer is also the official barbecue season of Texas and, dare I say it, the world. I love a nice steak and great images. Here are a few examples of my recent photographic exploration that I'm sure will be updated throughout the Summer months. The first picture is of some fungi that i found on an old log in the back yard. I used a flash and a slow shutter speed to get the smokey effect.
This picture is of the flames dying out in the barbecue, again using a slow shutter speed to create the spin effect.