Friday, May 30, 2008

Barbecue Summer

Summer has always been a good time to take a load off from the stress of school and explore the world of detail around the house. Summer is also the official barbecue season of Texas and, dare I say it, the world. I love a nice steak and great images. Here are a few examples of my recent photographic exploration that I'm sure will be updated throughout the Summer months. The first picture is of some fungi that i found on an old log in the back yard. I used a flash and a slow shutter speed to get the smokey effect.
This picture is of the flames dying out in the barbecue, again using a slow shutter speed to create the spin effect.

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Victoria said...

wow thats really deep, your pictures are amazing, do you do other photography besides nature? such as weddings, or portraits? Just curious because i really like your work