Friday, February 26, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 2/26

This week, the men's basketball team was frontpage news as senior guard Marquez Haynes broke the UTA single season scoring record of 599 with 605 points as of Wednesday night. After only scoring one point in the first half, Haynes helped push the the Mavericks into the lead with 20 points in the second half. Homecoming week has also taken over UTA. The annual Homecoming Golf Cart Parade snaked its way through campus with 34 organizations participating in the event that included a pep rally and canon firing. I also covered the rehearsal of the percussion ensemble they prepared for their annual Spring Chamber Music Concert. The ensemble used a variety of traditional african drums and bells that really made for a lively shoot.

2010 Homecoming Golf Cart Parade

Senior guard Marquez Haynes dunks during the Mavericks’ 75-71 victory over Lamar on Wednesday at Texas Hall. Haynes broke UTA’s single season scoring record of 599 points, previously held by Sam Norton during the ’83-’84 season, with 605 points as of Wednesday. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Senior guard Brandon Long slams into Cardinals center Coy Custer as he shoots during the second half of the Mavericks' victory on Wednesday. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips, right, is interviewed by’s Pete Tenny on Wednesday during halftime of the Mavericks’ game against Lamar at Texas Hall. Phillips is from Beaumont and has been seen at several Lamar of the Mavericks’ game against Lamar at Texas Hall. Phillips is from Beaumont and has been seen at several Lamar basketball games. Phillips’ wife graduated from Lamar and his wife’s first cousin is Lamar men’s basketball head coach, Steve Roccaforte. Phillips said he still pulls for the hometown team and was glad to see UTA win. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Professor of world music Dr. Michael Varner, left, demonstrates how to use a large African shakere as music media junior Josh Johnson, right, watches during the percussion ensemble’s rehearsal on Tuesday in the Fine Arts Building. The percussion ensemble’s Chamber Music Concert will be Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. and will include a segment featuring traditional African drums, garb and singing. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Dr. Varner says that the Spring Chamber Music Concert’s objective is to communicate the joy and enthusiasm of music meant to be enjoyed by communities. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
Metal instruments, such as the Agogo Bells, have a bright, high sound where as wood instruments produce a mellow, low sound. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 2/20

News came at a slow pace this week so sports filled the gap for this post. Men's basketball is continuing their push for wins before the Southland Conference Tournament in March. Their convincing win over Southeastern Louisiana shows exactly what can happen if the team plays as one and doesn't rely on Haynes to pull it out in the second half. The baseball team also had its home opener on Friday, facing off against Dallas Baptist University. After an early lead, the Mavericks' gave up a few home runs late in the game and could not recover. I also shot some tennis, which hasn't happened in years. I think I got some good shots considering I don't know the sport that well.

Senior guard Dwight Gentry lays-up the ball Wednesday during the Mavericks’ 85-73 win over Southeastern Louisiana at Texas Hall. Gentry was 3-of-9 from the field with 11 points, three rebounds and three assists. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Senior forward J.D. Davis fights with Lion center Patrick Sullivan for a loose ball Wednesday during the Mavericks’ victory. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Senior guard Marquez Haynes attempts a layup during the second half of the win. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Junior infielder Jesse Payne dives back to first base as the DBU pitcher tries to pick him off.

Junior infielder Brian Nephew hits a ground ball on Friday during the Mavericks' 13-2 loss to Dallas Baptist at Clay Gould Ballpark.

Junior pitcher Mark Picca throws a pitch during the final innings of the Mavericks' loss to DBU on Friday.

Freshman infielder Preston Beck misses contact with the ball during the ninth inning of the Mavericks' loss.

Junior Brieuc Hamon serves during a doubles match against Wichita State on Friday at the UTA Tennis Center. Hamon and his partner, sophomore Mindaugas Celedinas, lost the match nine games to seven. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Sophomore Mindaugas Celedinas returns the ball Friday during a doubles match with Wichita State at the UTA Tennis Center. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 2/14

This is going to be a combo post with selections from two weeks at The Shorthorn. It's been a busy two weeks between school, The Shorthorn, my first wedding (pictures to come soon) and working security at NBA All-Star events around DFW. We also had record breaking snowfall in the area, 12.5 inches, that contributed to the madness. KC Hall hosted a kickboxing class to promote activities at the MAC. As the men's and women's basketball seasons come closer to the Southland Conference Tournament, both teams are pushing for position in the standings. I'm a bit behind of updating the blog but hopefully I will have more time in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

International business and Spanish senior Emily Cunningham, left, leads a kickboxing aerobics class on Monday in KC Hall. Cunningham teaches two classes a week at the Mavericks Activities Center and is certified in kickboxing by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Participants in the kickboxing class do a speed bag exercise on Monday. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Senior guard LaTosha Duffey is fouled while driving to the basket against McNeese on Wednesday at Texas Hall. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Senior guard Dwight Gentry II is fouled while attempting a layup Wednesday during the second half of the Mavericks’ 71-66 win over the Texas A&M Corpus Christi at Texas Hall. Gentry contributed seven points, two rebounds and two assists to the victory. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)
MBA graduate Adam Boykin focuses before returning the ball Tuesday at the UTA Tennis Center. Boykin has been playing tennis for five years and says he plays everyday to stay in shape. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

A snowman decorated with clothes, a backpack and an umbrella stands outside of the Maverick Activities Center as students take pictures on Thursday. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Software engineering freshman Austin Miller, left, throws a snowball at mechanical engineering freshman Matthew Molina during an early morning snowball fight Thursday outside of KC Hall. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Aerospace engineering freshmen Sarah Hussein, left, and Shivani Patel assemble a snowman Thursday on the Central Library mall. They began building the snowman after a fire alarm cancelled their class in Woolf Hall. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Music media senior Nick Goodrich, right, and undeclared freshman Ivan Untung put the finishing touches on their snow bunny on Thursday on the Central Library mall. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Students build a snowman and throw snowballs in the Architecture Courtyard on Thursday as snow continues to blanket the DFW area. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)