Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Dallas Mavericks Championship Celebration

This last week was crazy and I'm finally getting around to putting up some of my recent work. This post is dedicated to the Mavs' Championship Celebration in Downtown Dallas on June 16, 2011. It was a ridiculously hectic day and I drove about 14 hours during the 24 hour period. I only saw the parade on the American Airlines Center big screens but it was nice not to have to fight the crowds and heat to get a good view. I did get to see the rest of the celebration up close and personal as the players and coaches were interviewed and thanked the fans in the AAC for making it such a memorable season. I got to bring my good equipment with me so without access to the press line I think I came away with some pretty good images. It was nice not have to run on deadline for once. Then the once in a lifetime experience continued as I had the opportunity to meet and get my photo taken with Dirk, Jet, Cuban, Carlisle and even Dirk's shooting coach from Germany. It was an amazing experience to remember and I hope to have many more. Enjoy.
Dirk and Jet celebrate as thousands of fans cheer.
Brian Cardinal cleans up the stage before his fellow Mavs enter the arena.
Brian Cardinal hypes up the crowd before the rest of the Mavericks take the stage.
Mark Cuban gives the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy a quick shine as the Mavericks take the stage.
Jason Terry thanks the fans for their support throughout the season.
Fans give Dirk a standing ovation as he takes a seat to be interviewed.
Dirk looks around the stadium as fans cheer.
A fan holds up a homemade LeBron James doll.
Caron Butler celebrates as fans cheer and streamers fall from the rafters in the AAC.
The Larry O'Brien Trophy sits on the interview table as fans give the Mavericks a standing ovation in the American Airlines Center.

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