Monday, May 23, 2011

Express-News Shots of the Week 5/23

This begins the new Shots of the Week series for the summer as I begin my internship at the San Antonio Express-News. I've already had a pretty diverse range of assignments so far and have learned a lot just by talking and assisting some of the experienced photographers on staff. My first assignment was to shoot a ceremony for Segs4Vets, an organization that provides Segways to wounded veterans, in front of the Alamo. Photographer Tom Reel helped me see that patience is very important during events like these and the best shot can come when you least suspect it. Before I even turned in those shots, I was sent to a naturalization ceremony at a local college where over 800 immigrants were becoming American citizens. Very interesting to hear the reasons why some of these people where there that day. I then had the opportunity to assist photographer Helen Montoya with her portrait shoot for Conexion's Hottest Latina contest. I can never learn enough about portraiture and I picked up a lot of tips on natural light throughout the shoot. My final assignment of the week was a breaking news story at the crime scene of an off-duty officers death. It was exciting to get the call but at the scene there wasn't much to work with but I did the best I could. Every day is different and thats what I love about this job. Until next week, enjoy.
Marshitah Garbacz celebrates after taking the oath as over 800 imigrants from 82 countries were sworn in as American citizens on May 18, 2011, in Laurie Auditorium at Trinity University. ANDREW BUCKLEY/
Corporal Kendra Coleman of Hampton, Georgia, waits to ride her new Segway in front of the Alamo during the Segs4Vets ceremony on May 18, 2011. Coleman was one of 37 wounded troops who recieved a Segway from the organization. ANDREW BUCKLEY/
Sergeant First Class Robert Luscomb of Homosassa, Florida, waits in line to receive a segway at the Alamo on May 18, 2011. Luscomb, who served in the Army 10th Mountain Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004, said that he put the unique t-shirt design on his prosthetic because it was better than the usual beige. ANDREW BUCKLEY/
Sergeant Verner Williams of Salisbury, Missouri, rides in front of the Alamo after recieving his new Segway during a ceremony for the Segs4Vets program on May 17, 2011. Williams sustained injuries during Operation Enduring Freedom when his platoon came under "friendly fire". ANDREW BUCKLEY/
United States military troops were honored May 19, 2011, while accepting Segways from Segs4Vets, a program that provides the mobility devices to severely wounded troops. ANDREW BUCKLEY/
The Segs4Vets organization honored members of the military May 18, 2011, at the Alamo by giving 37 wounded troops their own Segways. ANDREW BUCKLEY/
Amanda Bennett, right, greets First Lieutenant Cody Culp after the Segs4Vets ceremony on May 18, 2011, in front of the Alamo. ANDREW BUCKLEY/
An off-duty police officer was found dead May 20, 2011, inside a pick-up truck parked outside of a West Side pharmacy. ANDREW BUCKLEY /
An off-duty police officer was found dead May 20, 2011, inside a pick-up truck parked outside of a West Side pharmacy. ANDREW BUCKLEY /

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