Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 9/5

The first couple of weeks at school are usually the most hectic and random of the year. This week at The Shorthorn was no exception as I shot everything from portraits to sports. I'll start with a video of the annual Maverick Cookout and Activities Fair that brings together organizations from on and off campus to show students what is available for them this coming year. It gets bigger and bigger every year, especially now that enrollment at UTA is at record numbers. Next is a portrait of Perry Kemp, a broadcast student who'sradio public service announcement called "Be Safe Texting" was named one of four finalists by College Broadcasters, Inc. On the way to work I also grabbed a quick shot of some guys practicing for the upcoming flag football season. Another portrait I did this week was of ProfessorPeter Lehman who donated textbooks to the University of Belize. He knew a lot about photography and it was great talking to him while shooting. Last but not least are a few shots from the volleyball team's first tournament of the season. Enjoy.

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