Friday, April 16, 2010

Shorthorn Shots of the Week 4/16

This week was definitely a test of my patience. We had a lot of speaker stories that were just creatively stifling. Other than that the rest of the week was pretty good. I shot a portrait of Clinton Rawls, one of the first graduates to take part in the MFA Exhibitions at UTA, who will be showing his film and video work. He was very interesting to talk to and it turns out that we both have similar views that are expressed in our respective artistic work. Baseball seems like it will be the main sport for the rest of the semester so I am really trying to take advantage of the time to improve. As much as I love basketball, baseball is intriguing because it has been so difficult for me to shoot lately but the only way to improve is to shooting. After an hour of baseball, I had to run over to the Eric O’Shea comedy show. It was the last show of the One Mic Stand comedy series. O’Shea was definitely an interesting act and he had great improv abilities as he took jabs at the crowd throughout the show. On Thursday I had a great portrait session with graduating senior guard Marquez Haynes for Graduation Issue. I will put those up in a separate post after I'm done editing. Until then, enjoy.

MFA student Clinton Rawls is one of three graduates participating in the Art + Art History department’s inaugural Master of Fine Arts Exhibitions that will take place over three weeks between April 5 and April 23. Rawls specifically works in the mediums of film and video where he invites the viewer to bring in their personal experiences to shape their perception of a work. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Junior infielder Jesse Payne leaps while reaching for home plate as Baylor catcher Gregg Glime (13) dives to tag him out during the Mavericks’ 5-4 loss to the Bears at Clay Gould Ballpark. Payne was safe at home giving the Mavericks a 3-0 lead in the third inning. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Junior infielder Brian Nephew throws to first base Tuesday during the Mavericks loss to Baylor at Clay Gould Ballpark. The Mavericks have a chance to redeem themselves when they play Baylor today at 6:30 p.m. in Waco. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

O’Shea’s jokes ranged from explaining why his mom is “the Italian anti-Christ” to quick jabs at the audience as he invited crowd participation throughout the show. O’Shea is also known for his Elmo impersonations. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

Comedian Eric O’Shea poses as a “Smooth Criminal” plays on Tuesday in the Rosebud Theater during a bit about alternate music for TV commercials. O’Shea was the final comedian to perform during this year’s One Mic Stand comedy series. (The Shorthorn: Andrew Buckley)

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